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The Shirley Shelf


The Basic Shirley Shelf is simple and beautiful. It comes in three sizes:

  • SMALL      – 50cm   wide
  • MEDIUM   – 70cm   wide
  • LARGE      – 100cm wide

    The Basic Shirley Shelf is made out of ply (when possible we use leftover wood).

    The Basic shelf has been purposefully kept very plain with the intention that you can paint, wax or varnish the shelf to your own requirements. The basic Shirley shelf can be painted with the same emulsion you’ve used to paint your walls, creating a shelf that blends with your wall. If using emulsion on your shelf we recommend sealing the paint with dead flat lacquer. Paint, varnish and lacquer can all be purchased from Seagulls Paint store.

    Super simple and quick to install. 

    All Shirley shelves come with screws and instructions. 


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    Large, Medium, Small

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